Run Time: 82 min Release Date: Apr 17, 2018 Year Produced: 2018 Rating: Not Rated Language: English Directed by: Ed Gaffney Starring: Peter S. Adams, Vanessa Dunleavy, Sarah Hollis, Marem Hassler, Melanie Brockman, Kristine Sutherland, Jason T. Gaffney
This film appeals to: Lesbian audiences

Russian Doll is a female-driven, sexy, edgy crime thriller. The story begins when a young woman discovers a murder plot and calls 911. But moments into the phone call, she is attacked and abducted.

The investigation into her disappearance leads Police Detective Viola Ames to interrogate the cast and crew of a local theater company. What Viola doesn’t know is that one of the people she questions is days from committing a long-planned murder.

Meanwhile, Viola meets a beautiful woman named Faith who unexpectedly provides a vital clue to the case, and who also forces Viola to confront the grief she has suppressed from her wife’s death of almost two years ago.

It’s a story filled with passion, violence, and suspense, where everyone is hiding something.

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