The Leading Distributor of LGBT Movies

The Wolfe Library is a well known and respected body of content that increases visibility and opportunity for all of its participants.

What kinds of access can Wolfe deliver that I can’t do on my own?

  • BROADCAST relationships with HBO, Showtime LOGO and more.
  • VIDEO ON DEMAND (VOD)  Clients like  iTunes, Amazon Instant, YouTube Movies,  Microsoft, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, AND, the global movie watching platform.
  • SUBSCRIPTION VOD (SVOD) including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and more.
  • CABLE VOD including Comcast, TWC (Time Warner), Verizon, COX, Charter and more.
  • DVD DISTRIBUTION (still very lucrative) to Netflix, Amazon, Redbox, Blockbuster, major and indie retailers.
  • EDUCATIONAL DVD DISTRIBUTION to libraries, universities and educators.
  • INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST, DVD AND STREAMING relationships with outreach to the world.
  • DIRECT TO CONSUMER twenty seven years in the making, Wolfe’s mail order customer base.
What kinds of promotions can I expect?
  • PUBLICITY PR to national, regional, mainstream, niche and industry media via print and Internet.
  • FILM FESTIVALS World-wide inclusion and promotion of your screenings via our film guide advertising.
  • THEATRICAL support and community screenings.
  • PRINT ADVERTISING in national , regional and retailer publications.
  • EVENTS  a consistent presence at national and local LGBT events.
  • SPECIAL PROMOTIONS including DVD release parties and promotional contests via Internet, radio and consumer mailings.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING PLATFORMS including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more.
  • WOLFE VIDEO’s quarterly consumer catalogs.
  • WOLFE’s  weekly promotional emails where Wolfe’s titles get preferred placement and strategic pairing with major studio releases.
    • Wolfe promotes your film so consumers know it is available. With so much content being delivered, editors and buyers alike prioritize what gets exposure based on long-standing relationships and library depth – and Wolfe delivers both.

As the leading distributor of LGBT films Wolfe has the expertise, experience and industry relationships to provide the widest possible exposure for your film.