Run Time: 112 min Release Date: Sep 03, 2013 Year Produced: 2012 Rating: Not Rated Language: English/Closed Captions Directed by: Ash Christian Starring: Tobias Segal, Michael Urie, Christine Lahti, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Brittany Snow, Thora Birch
This film appeals to: Gay audiences

Fresh-faced Tobias Segal stars as quirky Charlie Petunia. He’s gay, he’s celibate and he’s trying to resist falling in love with George (the fabulous Michael Urie from TV’s “Partners” and “Ugly Betty”) — who also happens to have a wife he hadn’t mentioned (Brittany Snow, Pitch Perfect). Meanwhile, Charlie’s parents (Christine Lahti and David Rasche) preside over a vortex of dysfunctional family drama provided by his two brothers (Eddie Kay Thomas and Jimmy Heck) and Charlie’s mean princess sister-in-law Vivian (Thora Birch). A fresh and funny new feature from one of the hottest gay filmmakers of the decade, Ash Christian (Mangus!).

“Nobody’s happy, Sweetie. They’re just pretending.” — Felicia Petunia


Awards & Press Quotes

“Grade: A. Petunia is a beautiful film with beautifully flawed people living out imperfect lives as perfectly as they can. I loved this film.” – The Independent Critic

“One of the more distinctive comedies of the year.” – Creative Loafing

“Cruelly funny . . . bitingly sharp” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

“A smart take on the romantic comedy . . . Must see!” – Edge Out on Film

“A  stunning Woody Allen-esque rendering of urban self-absorption, a modern-day period piece about New York City. . l sure to have you laughing the whole way through.” – LA Frontiers

“Christian keeps the action moving swiftly and hilariously along” – New York Cool

“Sharply observed and affectionately satirical Petunia offers an alternative, witty and hopeful view of modern relationships.” – BFI Film Forever

 “Petunia is a wonderfully hilarious “dramedy” with that touch of reality that makes it so easily relatable.” – 103.7 KVIL

“Delightfully eccentric.” – Frameline