Run Time: 97 min Release Date: Apr 18, 2017 Year Produced: 2016 Rating: Not Rated Language: French with English subtitles Directed by: Jacques Martineau, Olivier Ducastel Starring: Geoffrey Couët, François Nambot
This film appeals to: Gay Audiences

It’s after midnight in a Paris gay sex club when Théo and Hugo lock eyes across the crowded room – and their connection is electric. They make their way together and have passionate sex. Afterwards, they leave the club and explore the streets of Paris, drunk with the possibilities of love at first sight, as well as sobered by the risks of their passion. *NR: This movie contains graphic sex and nudity.

Awards & Press Quotes

“Groin-tickling, poignant, sobering, and heart-warming, Paris 05:59 Theo & Hugo is a joy. – Bay Area Reporter

Paris 05:59 is a remarkably empathetic, big-hearted and love-struck film…” – Los Angeles Times

“Their odyssey, told in real time … shares the gentle walking-and-talking air of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise. Unlike that film’s characters, however, Théo and Hugo havethoroughly explored each other’s bodies before opening up their minds.” – The New York Times

Paris 05:59 best captures how different the world looks when you emerge before sunrise, the giddiness of making a truly personal connection in an intentionally impersonal environment, and the beauty that can be found in the darker corners of human behavior if you aren’t presuming you’ll find light.” –  San Francisco Weekly

Paris 05:59 Theo & Hugo: This nuanced character study begins with graphic sex at a gay club — one of the most electric sex scenes in LGBTQ cinematic history — before beautifully pivoting into a compelling story about two Frenchmen who have fallen in love at first sight. The budding relationship (presented in real time over 90 minutes) veers effortlessly from turbulence to tenderness.” – San Francisco Chronicle

Jury Award for Best Director
Atlanta Out on Film

Silver Q-Hugo Award
Chicago International Film Festival

Teddy Audience Award
Berlin Film Festival

Audience Award for Best Feature
Boston LGBT Film Festival

Best Director(s) Feature Film –
Jacques Martineau & Olivier Ducastel
QFest – Long Beach LGTBQ Film Festival

Best Narrative Feature Film
Tampa Bay Int’l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival