Run Time: 81 min Release Date: Oct 18, 2016 Year Produced: 2016 Rating: Not Rated Language: English/Closed Captions Directed by: Matt Kugelman Starring: Roy Haylock, Rachel Dratch, Alan Cumming, Margaret Cho, RuPaul, Denton Blaine Everett, Willam Belli
This film appeals to: Gay audiences

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A fast-paced revenge comedy starring RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio (comic Roy Haylock).

When Richard, a New York teacher, can’t find work, he accepts a position in a small Texas school. Almost immediately, they suss out that he is gay, and fire him.

Later, when a new friend introduces him to the underground drag scene, Richard dons a new identity as the sharp-tongued and utterly hilarious “Bianca,” and returns to the school to wreak havoc. As everyone quickly learns, this is one teacher you definitely do NOT want to cross.

*Note: The DVD is only available for purchase in the US and Canada. International customers can purchase via download to own at The streaming version now has Spanish, French, German and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles available (in addition to English). 

Awards & Press Quotes

“Bianca Del Rio: The Joan Rivers of the Drag World.” – The New York Times

“Filled with camp queer comedy, cross-dressing and a fabulous cattle cave of cast members; Hurricane Bianca is an absolute hoot.” – SameSame

Inside Out
Toronto LGBT Film Festival

Chicago LGBTQ+ Int’l Film Festival