Run Time: 97 min Year Produced: 2022 Language: Italian w/ English subtitles Directed by: Silvia Brunelli Starring: Sofia Guastaferro, Francesco Pellegrino, Vincenzo Antonucci, Gianfelice Imparato
This film appeals to: Gay Audiences Booking Formats: DCP

Mario and Lino are two eighteen-year-old friends, born and raised in the Sanitá quarter in Naples, who never stepped out from their small town. They lead a simple life, until Lino’s little sister, Annaluce, convinces the locals that she has performed a miracle and they begin worshipping her as a living Saint. The fate of her family abruptly changes: Mario realizes that he is in love with Lino, who does not notice it, and tries to find a way out from his routine life.

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