How do I upload a DVD video?

Wolfe Video can play higher than DVD quality videos, but if you don’t have the original files and only have the DVD, then follow these instructions.

Notes: These instructions assume your DVD is not encrypted. Please don’t use these instructions if your video is letter-boxed, since you will need to crop the video and re-encode it first. Also, don’t follow this method if you want to add a subtitle track, since subtitles need to be burned-in while encoding. If your movie is very long (2 hours or more and on a DVD-9), it may be too big for this method. You can only use the following method if the mpeg file is under 5GB – if the file is too big, follow our standard encoding guidelines.

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded and installed¬†MPEG StreamClip¬†(it’s free)
  2. Then insert the DVD.
  3. Open MPEG StreamClip and go to File -> Open DVD…
  4. Navigate to the DVD from your computer’s file-system and then press “Select”.
  5. MPEG StreamClip will open the first track from the DVD. You can preview the selected track in the MPEG StreamClip window and choose a different Video Track from the Video Track menu.
  6. If you have some pre-roll that you need to remove, you can use the In and Out points to edit the video.
  7. Finally go to File -> Convert to MPEG… and then give the file a name that you can remember. This will make a loss-less copy as an .mpeg file that you can upload to Wolfe Video.
  8. Go to your film profile and click “Upload Video”. In the File Upload control, select the .mpeg file you just created.
  9. Before you upload, click “Show Advanced Options” and choose the correct source DVD format from the menu. You need to know if your DVD is NTSC (North America and Japan) or PAL (most of the rest of the world) and whether it is anamorphic widescreen or 4:3 full-frame. Select the appropriate source based on these options.
  10. If your DVD is interlaced, you need to tick the De-Interlace box. If you don’t know if your DVD is interlaced, open the video file in quicktime or some other video player and find a scene with lots of motion. Pause the video and if you see lots of small horizontal lines, that means it’s interlaced. Do not de-interlace unless you have to, because it will reduce the quality of the file if it is already de-interlaced.
  11. If you are in doubt about any of these options, go ask an expert, because you’ll waste a lot of time if you upload with the wrong options.
  12. Once you’re sure you’ve chosen the correct options, press the Upload button and go make a cup of coffee. It will probably take a few hours to upload, and you’ll need to leave your computer switched on and connected to the internet.