Run Time: 97 min Release Date: Dec 09, 2016 Year Produced: 2016 Rating: Not Rated Language: English, English/Closed Captions Directed by: Chris Kelly Starring: Molly Shannon, Jesse Plemons
This film appeals to: Gay audiences


A struggling gay comedy writer in New York City (Jesse Plemons) – fresh off a breakup and in the midst of the worse year of his life – returns home to Sacramento to care for his dying mother (Molly Shannon) in this affecting family drama from “Saturday Night Live” writer Chris Kelly.

“Shannon plays this suburban woman, a teacher, with such simple, heartbreaking realism…” — People

Awards & Press Quotes


“The movie belongs to Shannon … the SNL veteran digs into the role of a dying mother grappling with regret with subtle ferocity… Somehow, almost miraculously, Shannon makes her character become stronger as she gets weaker. It’s a wonderful performance.”Entertainment Weekly

“Kelly depicts a deep filial love that isn’t dependent on complete telepathic understanding.”The Hollywood Reporter

“Smart, lovely, funny, occasionally edgy, slightly cynical and ultimately heart-tugging.”Richard Roeper, The Chicago Sun-Times

“Small moment by small moment, Other People turns Kelly’s own experiences caring for his mother into something touchingly universal.”Screen International

“Emotions run deep and wide here; anyone who’s ever lost a parent, longed for love and acceptance, or tried to find his or her true self should easily relate. It’s a terrific film.” Los Angeles Times