Run Time: 105 min Release Date: May 06, 2014 Year Produced: 2013 Rating: Not Rated Language: English/Closed Captions Directed by: Doug Spearman Starring: Marc Anthony Samuel, Brian McArdle, Trey McCurley, Darryl Stephens, Joan Ryan, Alan Blumenfeld
This film appeals to: Gay audiences

“An enjoyable comedy-mystery… that balances banter, action and beefcake to pleasing effect.” — Variety

This gay comedy-action-thriller co-stars Marc Samuel and Brian McArdle as thrown together gay ex-boyfriends out to solve an ominous Hollywood gay sex-party robbery in this terrific directorial debut from out gay actor Doug Spearman (Noah’s Arc).

If you can imagine Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as younger, hotter ex-boyfriends, you’ll have the basis for Hot Guys With Guns, a modern take on the old-fashioned detective story. It’s Chinatown meets Boystown!

Awards & Press Quotes

“An homage to classic detective movies with a completely gay overlay.” — [Movies You Shouldn’t Miss]

“An enjoyable comedy-mystery set in the more privileged echelons of semi-closeted, industry-focused Los Angeles gay society. . . Starring Marc Anthony Samuel and Brian McArdle as a sort of West Hollywood Nick and Nora Charles, investigating a crime spree by “sex party bandits,” it’s an above-average piece of niche-audience escapism that balances banter, action and beefcake to pleasing effect.” – Variety

“… a highly-polished, expensive film noir. The engaging duo who team up to solve the crime will no doubt reappear in a sequel.” — Ralph Malachowski, OUTINJERSEY.NET

“Hot Guys with Guns has a script that pops with gay wit and cultural references … as well as a memorable cast of supporting actors …” — RAGE MONTHLY

“A hilarious gay send-up of the old-fashioned detective story with a bit of the modern buddy film thrown in. It’s a comedy-mystery-thriller-romance that combines Sam Spade with ‘Lethal Weapon’ on a zany West Hollywood romp.”

WINNER! Best LGBT FILM – Beloit Int’l Film Festival