Run Time: 80 min Year Produced: 2017 Rating: Not Rated Language: English Directed by: James Fanizza Starring: James Fanizza, Alex House, Brian McCook
This film appeals to: Gay Audiences

James Fanizza writes, directs and stars in Sebastian but does not in fact play him. He plays Alex, the guy who meets Sebastian (Alex House) and initiates a fling – this despite that he has a boyfriend, a boyfriend who just happens to be Sebastian’s cousin. They both agree to feel bad about what they’re doing, but they don’t consider not doing it.

Alex is an Argentinian student in Toronto for just one week; both know that the relationship  ends when he catches his flight back home. But the affair is irrepressible. They’re falling for each other whether or not they say the words, and it’s the kind of relationship that changes them, unlocks things hidden deep inside (and who can resist a boy with a dark and unspoken past?).

Also stars: KATYA from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Awards & Press Quotes

Inside Out
Toronto LGBT Film Festival

“It’s got promise and panache . . . and it DOES get steamy . . .” – Cinema Axis

“The story takes on a beautifully romantic approach, leaving audiences truly touched.” –

“Paints a nuanced portrait of 20-something queerness; that perpetual feeling of having what you want at the tip of your fingers, but not being sure if you really want to grab it.” –